Principles of Turfgrass Management

This correspondence turfgrass management course was developed in a cooperative effort with the UGA Georgia Center for Continuing Education and the Professional Lawn Care Association of America. It includes a comprehensive text that includes 14 chapters consisting of 425 pages and more than 150 drawings, diagrams, charts, and tables, as well as 44 color plates. The course contains more than 900 questions arranged into review sections, self tests, and monitored exams. Successful completion of the course earns the student a certification status termed "Certification Turfgrass Professional." Currently there are more than 3400 individuals from all 50 states and 30 countries who have enrolled in the program. The topics covered include: Turfgrass Growth, Development and Physiology, Turfgrass Identification and adaptation, Soils, Establishment, Fertilization, Mowing, Irrigation, Weeds, Insects, Turfgrass Diseases, Pesticides, Turfgrass and the Environment, Turfgrass Troubleshooting, and Customer Relations. For more information call 800-325-2090 or visit This course is available in Spanish.

Sports Turfgrass Management Certificate Course

This certificate course offers up-to-date information on the establishment and care of sports fields. The principles covered are applicable to all levels of sports field management, from big league fields to little league fields. In addition to explaining the fundamentals of turfgrass management that apply to all turfgrass areas, the course focuses on how these practices are specifically adapted to sports fields.