Career Preparation and Professionalism


Topic 1 PowerPoint Part 1

Topic 1 PowerPoint Part 2
Success defined
Professionalism defined
Personality profile
Mission statements
Goal setting

Topic 2 PowerPoint
Email Etiquette

Topic 3 PowerPoint
Telephone Etiquette

Topic 4 PowerPoint
Telephone Interview

Topic 5 PowerPoint
Active Listening & Public Speaking

Topic 6 PowerPoint
Proper Handshake and Success Keys

Topic 7 PowerPoint
Importance Of Credit
How to Find a Job before Graduating
How to Find a Job before Graduating (Video)
Dressing for Success 2012 with Caroline Buttimer
Dining Ettiquete 101
Dining Ettiquete 101 Video
How to check your credit report and how to check your credit score
Sample credit reports from the three credit bureaus

Inspirational Movies (video)
Listening Attentively - Tony Alessandra (audio)
Ms. Tracey Dowling: Dining Etiquette (video)
Ms. Daphne Felske: Interviewing (video)
Ms. Daphne Felske: Interviewing (video) 2012
Ms. Carissa Atkins: Business Attire (video)
The 12 Life Secrets - Part 1 (audio)
The 12 Life Secrets - Part 2 (audio)
The Dash (video)
Dr. Dick Hudson - Resume Talk (video)
Interviewing: Questions & Answers
Ms. Laura Ledgerwood - Career Center (video)
Dining Etiquette(video)
Holly Getchell - Dining Etiquette(video)
Alex Putman - Interviewing(video)

Writing a Mission and Vision Statement
Setting Goals